For my personal self-esteem/self hatred story go to otherwise:

Here are some personal methods/tips that that helped me realise the logic: I have been given my body; I have been given my life (fundamentals of school, family, housing etc.). Those are the unchangeable…

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So I recently came across this absolutely inspiring girl on Instagram; her name’s Essena and she’s around my age but has accomplished some pretty amazing stuff and it looks like she’ll achieve a lot in the future. Her mind set is awesome and her advice actually helpful. Added bonus is that she just launched her own website which I have been sitting on 24/7 so check it out!

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I’m Back!

Firstly, sorry! i haven’t posted in forever but I figured it’s summer holidays and if any body is like me, they’re in need of some health and fitness motivation. I myself am not ready to be walking around the beach in a bikini and need to up the exercise and healthy eating! Something new since i last posted - I have just turned a kind of vegetarian (not eating red meat and white meat but sometimes chicken) and am also barely consuming dairy due to having a little bit of an intolerance to it.

Anyway i’m sitting here munching on some carrot sticks, multi tasking and reading a women’s fitness magazine. I got up early and walked 10km this morning in fear of the dreaded star scores (VCE) and later got myself to the gym for an hour and a half! feeling exhausted x

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